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Munchies in Clayton where we aim to be the best in providing delicious hot food to all customers every time. 


With over 15 years of experience we can comfortably say that we have the knowledge on how to handle, prepare and serve good food in a clean, hygienic environment. 

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Burger Deal

3x Cheese Burgers, 2x Chips, Onion Rings & 2x Cans of Pop


Curry Deal

3 1 Starter, 1 Curry (Chicken/ Lamb/ Veg), 1 Rice & 1 Nan


Family Meal

6pcs of Chicken, 2 Chips, Portion of Salad, Doner Meat & 2 Cans of Pop


Value for Money
Food Taste

Noms. always noms.

Khayde - 11NOV13

Wish they would put more garlic on nans,but other than than the food is 10/10 best in town.

Kat - 01NOV13

Just perfect, you wont get a better garlic nan any-where else, believe me.

Kat - 28SEP13

Great tasting food but delivery took longer than they said it would

Dale white - 25AUG13

Great easy website

Chris evans - 25AUG13


Sy - 03AUG13

Large amount of food for the moeny spent and it was very nice

Adam thomason - 31MAY13

Very nice

Steve t - 20APR13

Lovely as usual. great all-round service.

Kat - 05APR13

As usual the food was great.order here all the time, from chips and cheese to currys and my only fault is wish the tando0ri starter was bigger in the curry offer , last one i had looked like it come of a pigeon, but the food always taste great,garlic nan breads to die for.

Kat - 05MAR13